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Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is an additive manufacturing process whereby a laser sinters (melts) powdered material into a solid. 

CA Models currently has two machines, one of which is an EOSINT P395 with a build envelope of 340mm x 340mm x 620mm, which builds parts with improved surface finish in Glass-Filled Nylon material. 

The second machine is an EOSINT P730, building fully functional plastic parts in PA Nylon material.  The maximum build envelope on this machine is 700mm x 380mm x 580mm. 

Both machines are manufactured and maintained by EOS.


Our SLS machines

an additive manufacturing selective laser sintering machine produces parts for large model making assemblies
EOS P730
A Selective Laser Sintering machine running PA nylon 3d printing material
a Selective laser sintering additive manufacturing machine being operated by an engineer
EOS P395
A selective laser sintering additive manufacturing machine part of ca models extensive 3d printing capability