At CA Models, we house a uniquely broad range of additive manufacturing technologies (commonly referred to as 3D printing). We provide a varied, extensive and streamlined service to meet the challenges and demands of a growing rapid prototyping (RP) market. We have five different additive manufacturing departments, providing a flexible service to our clients.

Our latest and increasingly popular addition to our additive manufacturing portfolio is the Metal Additive Manufacturing (also known as Metal Laser Sintering) Department. This process allows components to be 3D printed from powdered metal including aluminium, titanium and steel.

Metal additive manufacturing (AM) has given designers greater freedom to create parts with geometries typically difficult or impossible to CNC machine. Our first metal AM machine arrived in 2012 and our second, larger SLM 500HL machine arrived in January 2016. After extensive research, development and collaboration with our customers, we now have the knowledge and experience required to achieve the best build, finish and optional post-machining, all in-house.

The largest and most popular additive manufacturing department is SLA, housing nine 3D Systems machines, providing ample capacity and an ever developing range of resins. Our SLS Department houses two EOS systems, often used to build fully functional plastic products for use in product development and manufacturing or for producing spare parts. Our FDM Department houses two Fortus 900 systems suited to building fixtures, factory tooling and end use parts in high performance thermoplastic material for biocompatibility, static dissipation and resistance to heat and chemicals. The Objet500 Connex multi material polyjet 3D Printer is the first technology to enable the simultaneous printing of multiple types and colours of materials to create a single component.

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