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CA Models takes great pride in constantly investing in the latest technology.  Whether it’s a 5-axis milling machine or a large envelope metal additive manufacturing system, this enables us to supply the highest quality components in the industry today.

SLA rapid prototype quickcast model



Stereolithography (SLA) is an additive manufacturing process whereby an ultraviolet (UV) laser is used to cure layer upon layer of photopolymer resin to produce a 3D printed part. 

CA Models has invested in this technology, currently operating nine SLA systems, each building in a different resin.  

The newest of these are the ProJet 6000 and ProJet 7000, enabling us to build high resolution parts within an envelope maximum of 380mm x 380mm x 250mm.  Our iPro systems allow us to build large parts up to 650mm x 750mm x 550mm. 

All of our SLA systems are manufactured and maintained by 3D Systems.



Accura Bluestone

Accura ClearVue

Accura HPC

Accura Xtreme (was VisiJet Tough)

Accura Xtreme White 200

Somos NeXt

Somos PerFORM

VisiJet SL Flex (was Accura 25)

Our SLA machines

An additive manufacturing machine building a rapid prototype model for the medical sector
ProJet 7000
Rapid prototyping SLA machine making a prototype mode forl a CA models customer
ProJet 6000
An additive manufacturing system making a 3D model for a F1 customers
iPro 8000 x 2
Stereolithography machine 3D printing a rapid prototype model for the product design industry
Dual VAT iPro 9000
additive manufacturing machine making a rapid prototype model for a customer
Viper Si2 x 2
additive manufacturing machine making a rapid prototype model for a customer
SLA 7000
SLS additive manufacturing powder removal



Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is an additive manufacturing process whereby a laser sinters (melts) powdered material into a solid. 

CA Models currently has two machines, one of which is an EOSINT P395 with a build envelope of 340mm x 340mm x 620mm, which builds parts with improved surface finish in glass-filled nylon material. 

The second machine is an EOSINT P730, building fully functional plastic parts in PA nylon material.  The build envelope on this machine is 700mm x 380mm x 580mm. 

Both machines are manufactured and maintained by EOS.




GF Glass Filled Nylon

PA Nylon

Our SLS machines

an additive manufacturing selective laser sintering machine produces parts for large model making assemblies
EOS P730
A Selective Laser Sintering machine running PA nylon 3d printing material
a Selective laser sintering additive manufacturing machine being operated by an engineer
EOS P395
A selective laser sintering additive manufacturing machine part of ca models extensive 3d printing capability
Prototype made using fused deposition modelling



Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) is a process involving the ejection of thermoplastic material from a nozzle and layering to form the part. 

CA Models currently has two machines, both Fortus 900 systems. The systems run production grade materials in an envelope size of 900mm x 600mm x 900mm. 

Both machines are manufactured and maintained by Stratasys.




PC Polycarbonate

ULTEM 9085

Our FDM machines

a fused deposition modelling machine being operated by a 3d printing engineer
Fortus 900mc x 2
A Fused deposition Modelling additive manufacturing machine during the 3d printing process
Fortus 900mc mid build
An additive manufacturing fused deposition modelling machine that runs production grade plastics
Fortus 900mc
additive manufacturing machine used to 3d print parts for the aerospace and formula 1 industry
Fortus 900mc Build Chamber
Multi material 3D printing

Multi-Material MultiJet 3D Printing

Multi-Material MultiJet 3D Printing

Multi material polyjet 3D Printing is the process of simultaneously jetting multiple types of materials to create a single component. 

CA Models currently houses an Objet500 Connex, with the ability to 3D print in VeroWhite (plastic) and TangoBlack (rubber) in a variety of shore hardness.  The envelope size of the machine is 500mm x 400mm x 200mm. 

This machine is manufactured and maintained by SYS Systems.





Our Multi Material 3D Printing machine

multi material 3d printing machine that can 3d print multiple materials simultaneously
Connex 500
rapid prototyping machine that 3d prints using a multi material process
Connex 500 building samples
Connex multi-material 3d printing machine during process printing a 3d model
Connex 500 samples
multi material 3d printing machine that can manufacture a rapid prototype made of various 3d printing materials
Connex 500 (1)
Metal additive manufacturing laser process

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing is a process using lasers to fuse metal powder into a solid. 

CA Models currently has two machines, the first of which is our M2 by Concept Laser, which runs a 400 watt single laser and has an envelope size 280mm x 280mm x 280mm. 

Our second machine, the SLM 500HL utilises 4 x 400 watt lasers which operate simultaneously, thus improving build speed.  The envelope size of this machine is 500mm x 280mm x 365mm.  

The SLM is currently building in aluminium material.  The M2 is building in stainless steel material.



Aluminium AlSi10Mg

Stainless Steel 316L

Our Metal Additive Manufacturing machines

metal additive manufacturing selective laser sintering machine using aluminium powder to 3d print parts
metal additive manufacturing system m2 cusing machine running aluminium powder to create the rapid prototype
Concept Laser M2 Cusing
 aluminium powder for the metal additive manufacturing Concept Laser M2 Cusing machine
CL31 Aluminium powder
additive manufacturing Aluminium powder removal process for concept laser m2 metal cusing machine
M2 Powder Removal
5-axis CNC milled component

CNC Machining 5-Axis Milling

CNC Machining 5-Axis Milling

CA Models CNC machining department is diverse and has the very latest in 5-axis milling machines available in-house.

The most recent addition is the 5-axis DMG Mori DMU 100 eVo, with an envelope size of 1000mm x 900mm x 700mm. 

Our machines are in great demand within industries including aerospace, defence, F1, motor sport, medical, oil and gas, and product design, who have a continuous requirement for CA Models high quality CNC machined parts.

Our CNC 5-Axis machines

A promac 5 axis cnc machine being operated by a cnc engineer machining highly accurate parts
5-Axis DMG MORI DMU 100 eVo
A CNC programmer operating the 5-Axis Promac Zephyr VT 2.5 CNC machine
5-Axis Promac Zephyr VT 2.5
 A CNC engineer operating the 5-Axis Hermle C40U Dynamic machine to manufacture highly accurate parts for the f1 and aerospace sector
5-Axis Hermle C40U Dynamic
 A cnc engineer creating a jig  on the 5-Axis Exeron Digma machine
5-Axis Exeron Digma HSC 800/3
CNC turning for oil and gas industry

CNC Turning & Wire Erosion

CNC Turning & Wire Erosion

CA Models operates four CNC turning machines.  These machines are consistently in demand by our customers in the defence, motor sport, medical device, product design and particularly, aerospace and oil and gas industries.  

Typically, the above industries require a vast range of specialised turned parts as well as other precision parts that can be produced by wire erosion.

Often referred to as electrical discharge machining (EDM), wire erosion is a manufacturing process whereby a solid piece of material such as steel* is cut out using electrical discharges (sparks) to produce a precision component. 

CA Models AQ537L provides outstanding accuracy and capability making it popular for cutting punches and dies for the tool making process.

 * other materials examples; titanium, aluminum, copper, brass and carbide.


Our CNC Turning and Wire Erosion machines

 A 4-Axis cnc mori 2500/700 Lathe being manually operated by a skilled cnc operator
4-Axis DMG MORI NL 2500/700 Lathe
DMG MORI NLX 2000 Lathe being operated by an engineer
DMG MORI NLX 2000 Lathe
 A Harrison M300 manual Lathe working on an oil and gas component
Harrison M300 Manual Lathe
Sodick Wire Eroder being operated by an engineer
Sodick Wire Eroder AQ537L
Vacuum casting

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting allows the production of multiple copies of a master model in replica injection moulding materials.  The process involves:-

  • Production of a premium quality master model which can be made through a variety of in-house processes such as SLA, CNC machining or hand fabrication.  The quality of the vacuum casting is entirely dependent on the quality of the original master model.
  • A silicone mould is subsequently produced by suspending the master model in a bespoke built container.  Silicone resin is then poured into the container, encasing the model.  The container is then sealed and placed in the oven to cure the silicone mould.
  • Once cooled, the mould is carefully split open and the master model removed, leaving a cavity in the silicone mould, ready for vacuum casting production in the desired material.

CA Models houses three vacuum casting machines.  The most recent addition is the 5/04 Vario which is due to arrive on site in June 2016.  This machine will join our MCP 003 and 004 in the busy vacuum casting department.

Tinted lenses, high temperature parts and rubber components are all part of the daily routine at CA Models.

CMM inspection and 3D scanning

CMM Inspection & 3D Scanning

CMM Inspection & 3D Scanning

CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring) is a prerequisite for many customers.

CA Models houses their inspection equipment in a purpose-built, temperature-controlled room.

The revolutionary design of our upgraded Wenzel LH87 offers high mechanical accuracy and perfect ergonomics and dynamics. The high resolution scales provide accurate positioning and precise results.  Granite in the axes ensures intrinsic accuracy and intelligent controllers allow large data sets to be transmitted quickly and efficiently.  

The Romer Absolute Arm is a portable scanning and measuring machine. The arm can move in 3D space and is primarily used by CA Models to inspect 3D printed parts.  It can also be used for reverse engineering components to create CAD models. This system is manufactured and maintained by Hexagon Metrology.

Inspection reports are prepared and provided on request.

Our CMM Inspection and 3D Scanning machines

Wenzel LH87  inspectting a component for an inspection report
Wenzel LH87
reverse engineering and 3d scanning metrology tool designed to 3d scan and measure the surfaces of a 3d component
Romer Absolute
Romer Absolute Arm is a highly accurate metrology tool used for inspection and reverse engineering
Romer Absolute Arm
3d scanning and reverse engineering and metrology tool used to measure surface of a rapid prototype or cnc engineered component
Romer Absolute Arm Probe
CMM inspection and 3D scanning




New for 2021, CA Models has invested in not one but two ‘3D Systems Figure 4’ printers. And with its massively scalable design, we’re already planning to grow capacity with more modules.

3D Systems Figure 4 technology delivers a step-change for the Product Design industry. It is the first true digital alternative to injection moulding – removing barriers to your creativity while cutting project times and costs.

Discover how you can benefit from the next level Product Design potential of Figure 4 below, including the full whitepaper for you to download.



Everything Figure 4 creates is production quality. This allows you to test every aspect of your design and gather true feedback that you can take forward.


Figure 4 is engineered to be rapidly adaptable. No waiting for new moulds. Make on-the-fly changes to your digital designs in seconds and produce them in minutes.


The speed, accuracy, and production grade materials of Figure 4 let you instantly and seamlessly move from prototyping to full production.


Our two ‘3D Systems Figure 4’ modules each print with a different industry leading production grade material.


Incredibly tough, rigid plastic suitable for robust parts such as clips, snap-fits, automotive interior parts, and so much more.


Ultra-high temp plastic resistant to over 300˚C making it ideal for uses including consumer appliances and motor enclosures


Learn every innovative detail of Figure 4. Download the whitepaper below.

Figure 4 Whitepaper.



With our unrivalled range of in-house services and over 35 years of expertise, no one is better placed to deliver your next project. Talk to our team today for more info.

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