CNC 5-axis promac machine used to produce components in the aerospace and Formula 1 industries

World class
rapid prototyping

Our team of highly experienced engineers and model makers have been producing world class prototypes for over 30 years, surpassing expectations with market leading technology and skilled hand finishing. CA Models is renowned for unbeatable quality and speed of delivery.

Specialising in additive manufacturing, precision machining and specialist model making, we are committed to providing customers with excellence in rapid prototyping. This includes our first class project management service and making sure you have the prototype model you need, when you need it.

At CA Models, our flexibility and large range of in-house machines provide an all round prototyping service for our clients, with the ability to build diverse models from the smallest to the largest scale. This competence has allowed us to work dynamically with the oil and gas, Formula 1, aerospace, medical device and product design industries.

Browse our Services for an idea of how we can help with your rapid prototyping needs. We would also be delighted to speak with you to discuss and recommend prototyping solutions best suited to your design needs.

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