CNC Machining, Milling, Turning & Wire Erosion

The CNC machine shop boasts the latest in 5-axis milling and turning technology, as well as wire erosion technologies. Our most recent purchase is a DMG Mori DMU 100 eVo linear milling machine. This impressive machine broadens our capabilities further, benefiting our customers who require a large envelope size (1000Y 900X 700Z) and swift turn around (18,000 RPM).

The ability to complete the most challenging, specialist jobs successfully ensures that our CNC machine shop is constantly busy with large complex components, minute intricate parts and almost anything in between. 

A broad range of materials is available including hard steels, alloys and plastics. Quantities can range from one off to low volume batch production.

Our extensive range of CNC machines, materials and skilled engineers attracts a vast diversity of projects from industries such as aerospace, motor sport, medical device, oil and gas and product design.



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