3D printing for product design
Product Design

World-leading satellite operators SES Design Competition

Customer – SES Satellite Company – Dragon, Calla and Blossom Designs

Processes – SLA, SLS, CNC, Paint Room and Modelshop

SES Satellites approached CA Models to produce three very unique, fully functioning prototypes of design winning satellite dishes.  Each of the three prototypes required components to be 3D printed in SLA and SLS.  CA Models’ iPro was chosen to build the SLA components due to its large platform size 750mm x 700mm x 650mm. Also, the surface finish of the SLAs allow for a high end painted finish necessary for these models.  The SLS components were built in Nylon materials with strong durability for the parts that required structural integrity. 

The Blossom and Dragon designs required components to be CNC machined in CA Models’ machining department in aluminium, stainless steel and alloy materials.  Perspex platforms were also CNC machined at CA Models so that all three designs could be mounted once assembled.

All of the components were then hand finished in the Workshop, before being painted and lacquered with two-pack paint/lacquer in our professional paint room.  Finally, each prototype was assembled and mounted onto their perspex platforms.

Prior to shipping, the prototype satellites were packed into bespoke shipping cases which were also built at CA Models specifically to ship the models safely to the customer in Luxemburg.

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