3D printing for oil and gas
Oil & Gas

Subsea training model for GE Oil & Gas


CA Models has been supplying the oil and gas industry with sales, marketing and training models since the early 80s. Our very highly skilled engineers and pattern and model makers whose experience is founded on traditional techniques and materials, subsequently adapted to the introduction of rapid prototyping (RP) in the 90s.

Today, the industry benefits from integrating and combining numerous manufacturing technologies - multi-axis milling and turning for the manufacture of precision machined components, as well as 3D printing parts in a variety of materials.

One of the most exciting advances in RP for CA Models is the development of metal additive manufacturing - 3D printing metal parts from CAD data.  

The distinct advantage we have is the ability to build and post-machine RP components in-house. The post-machining process is essential to achieve tightly toleranced bores or features, capable of being interfaced with other machined components and assemblies.

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