F1 CAD drawing

Double water inlet/outlet components for a Formula 1 Team

Customer – Formula 1 Team

Processes – Metal Additive Manufacturing, CNC Post Machining, CMM Inspection

CA Models built the double water inlet/outlet components using metal additive manufacturing.  This method guaranteed component strength as well as being lightweight.  Another vital benefit of metal additive manufacturing is that the components would be hollow, as required in this instance. 

This process firstly involved choosing the optimum build orientation to achieve the best possible build quality.  The CAD was then altered to provide additional stock on the component.  This alteration is essential when a component requires post-machining.

Once the build was completed, the components were carefully hand-dressed then passed to the CNC Department.  Bespoke jigs were made to hold the components in place while they were post-machined to exact tolerance specification.  All components were inspected using CMM Inspection for dimensional accuracy.

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