3D printing  for medical industry
Medical Device

Intricately engineered and hand finished prototypes

Our excellent reputation in the medical sector has been gained through consistent delivery of intricate parts for concept approval, testing and for use in clinical trials.  Examples of recent projects include:

  • Numerous types of handheld monitoring equipment models, utilising the entire range of our prototyping technologies.
  • Multiple vacuum cast products in food-grade materials.
  • CNC machined surgical instruments and assemblies in medical grade materials.
  • Various 3D printed, self-administration drug delivery devices, finished and painted to the highest achievable specifications.

With the addition of a second metal additive manufacturing machine, we will be exploring the ability to manufacture medical grade implants.  More information on this exciting development will be revealed soon.

rapid prototype 3d printed medical model. Created using different additive manufacturing methods and model making craftsmanship.
3D printed Medical prototype. 3d printing technologies like stereolithography and selective laser sintering have been utilised to create the model.
rapid prototype medical device. This 3d model has been made using stereolithography to create a master model. Vacuum casting is used to create the final prototype
medical 3d printed rapid prototype inhaler for product development. 3d printing technology and model making skills are used to create this prototype.
Additive Manufacturing and cnc machining for Medical product development
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